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At the beginning of 2014, Garith & I decided to try the Getfit Challenge, after my work colleague Charmaine had raved about it…well it can’t be that bad as I am now doing my 2nd challenge and I am addicted. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing easy about it. However, let me start by explaining what it is – it is a life and body transformation.

You get an eating plan (as we all know that eating is 80% and exercise only 20%) which is easy to follow but requires sacrifice and hard work and no carbs at dinner (sad face)…as temptation is all around us! The basics are very similar to the eating plan I have been following for the past 2 years. So the eating wasn’t a shock to my system but the exercise was…bearing in my I had never done a push-up in my life! I am glad to report I can now do half a push-up…progress…haha!

We decided to go all out and do the exercise program that includes a 1 hour session 3 times a week…during my first challenge there were days I could barely walk and standing & sitting was a challenge…but it made me feel like I could take on the world and do just about anything.

Now onto Challenge 2 – I am stronger and fitter so I have managed to fit in a little extra exercise…so I do hope all the hard work pays off and I get that bikini body a little quicker 😉 My plan and goal is to do the last challenge of the year – which should start in about Sept – to get to goal weight and size! Wish me luck!

What does make the challenge a little easier is having such great trainers, who are always there to push you to exercise harder, answer your foodie related questions and encourage you to do and be your best! Thank you Justin van Vuuren, Warren van Vuuren and Lesley Grindrod!

Also for this challenge we decided no cheating for 6 weeks, as we are spending a weekend in Madikwe at the end of the month…which will be our treat and cheat! I have managed to survive…but only by a tread for the last 4 weeks!

So keep tuned for my progress…

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Get Fit Team L-R : Warren van Vuuren, Lesley Grindrod & Justin van Vuuren

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