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Things you might not have known…

I follow quite a few South African bloggers, one being Laura-Kim, who writes Harassed Mom (check out her blog – it’s awesome). So, when I read her post about Here are the things you might not know about her…I thought that would be such fun to do…and to be honest, some of the questions were harder to answer than I thought they would… Read more →

Before & After Microblading my eyebrows

Microblading your eyebrows

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows microbladed for a while now, but I just never seemed to find the time. It wasn’t until my cousin-in-law mentioned that one of her clients had had hers done at salon in Fourways. That’s when I was sold on the idea, as was looking for somewhere relatively close that came recommended by… Read more →

New Beginnings - a beautiful rose photographed in my garden

Goals for 2017

I guess, I really should have started with this post for 2017, but oh well…I hadn’t really thought about it till I sat down and started planning for the next few months. Which made me think about what do I want to achieve with my blog in 2017, and even in my life. What are my goals and where am I going?… Read more →

Savannah Page - When Girlfriends Collection, Books 1-3 - Available from

Book Review: When Girlfriends…

A friend recently recommended that I join Bookbub, which sends you emails with a list of free or bargain bestselling ebooks. All you have to do is list the genres you like, as well as some authors and then you receive an email once or twice a week with recommendations. So, if this is something that interests you, you best join asap.… Read more →

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Best way to remove facial hair?

Yes ladies, this is a subject that isn’t always discussed openly and yes, we do have unwanted facial hair that we want to remove but might not know the best way to go about it. I’m very lucky, as I have blonde facial hair, so much so that I used to have to dye my eye brows, so you knew… Read more →

The power of a smile with Dentyne

Smiling tends to happen without us giving it much thought. When you see a friend do something weird & silly, you smirk. When you manage to avoid Jobbing traffic, you grin. And when you are recognised for your outstanding performance at work, you beam!  Smiling is such a natural response to situations and it shares your happiness with others and… Read more →