about me

I’m not sure what you expect to find here…so I decided to share a few of my passions, loves and give you a little insight into…who I am. My friends and family would probably describe me as Alternative, as I like to do things differently and don’t feel the need to follow the herd…So you can expect some different and wonderful things!

  • I am a mother to 6 beautiful & perfectly naughty kitties – KitKat, Archimedes, Socrates, Tiggie, Asterix and my little boy Channing
  • I LOVE wearing pyjamas…I don’t just mean love…I mean LOVE!
  • I am married to my best friend…who happens to be a crazy maths geek…but I love him anyway!
  • My family & friends are my world…I love them more than anything & I’m so blessed to have them in my life
  • My passion in life is photography…I spend all my waking and sleeping moments thinking about it…and yes photographers are weird and crazy people…they will do anything to get the perfect shot in that gorgeous soft golden light!
  • I like tattoos, I especially like to photograph people with them – and I have a few myself…6 in total…my favourite one is the butterflies on my collar bone.
  • Maybe I should point out that I am a full-time Lifestyle & Boudoir photographer – probably will explain a lot
  • I don’t like too much fuss…I prefer simple
  • I proposed to my husband in the kitchen while we were eating breakfast…I asked if he really wanted to get married…he said yes…so I said okay, we can get married on 22 March in Cape Town! Viola!
  • I love sweet things, especially chocolate…I will do just about anything for good quality chocolate!
  • Best combo – peanut butter & chocolate or peanut butter & bacon – yes I love peanut butter too!
  • Finally… I love experiencing or trying new things – from travel to food…love it all!