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The Cotton Company Turkish Towels - Breeze, Grace & Kosi (taken with my Fujifilm X-T2)

A towel for every occasion

As I’m sure you know, we are flying to Croatia on Friday, yes this Friday. The time has flown by and now it’s time for us to explore Croatia. Packing space is at a premium as myself and my husband are sharing 1 suitcase…yes you read right…1 suitcase! So, I can’t pack anything but the essentials and was worried how… Read more →

My Winter Essentials (Photographed with my iPhone 6s)

My Winter essentials

Winter is most people’s worst time of year…the days are short, it’s cold and we just tend to feel miserable. Having said, there are some upsides to Winter – layering with warm snuggly clothes, scarves, boots & hot drinks! As we are in the thick of Winter, I thought I would share my essentials – almost like my Winter survival… Read more →

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume collection

TRESemmé Reverse Wash Haircare System

  I’m sure by now, you have heard that our hair routine is being turned on it’s head… the current hair trend is to reverse our shampoo and conditioner routine to achieve volume and softness. I must say this was something that I was skeptical about when I first heard it. But after a lot of reading and actually trying it… Read more →

LUX & Jenna Clifford have collaborated to create a limited edition range of LUX-inspired jewellery pieces. (Images courtesy of LUX)

New LUX Campaign, partners with Jenna Clifford

Iconic beauty brand, LUX, and celebrated jewellery designer, Jenna Clifford, have collaborated to create a limited edition range of LUX-inspired jewellery pieces, which are a celebration of woman. Fine design and a passion for quality craftsmanship are just two of the things that LUX and iconic jewellery designer, Jenna Clifford, have in common. They also share a love for opulence,… Read more →

Pandora Rose Collection

Pandora Rose Collection – Blushing with Style

While I was in Cyprus, I noticed how popular rose-coloured jewellery was in all the jewellery stores, and it seems that the trend is now slowly moving across to us here, in SA. Pandora has just launched their new collection of rose-coloured jewellery, which is feminine and just gorgeous. Or at least I think so, as I love rose-coloured jewellery. About… Read more →

Jinger Jack Discovery Camera Bag

Jinger Jack Discovery Bag

As you know, I am not only a blogger but also a professional family & boudoir photographer. And, I have been searching for a long time for a leather camera bag that doesn’t really look like a camera bag and can also double up as a handbag. There are so many options in the USA but I just couldn’t find any… Read more →

My favourite one: Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Cherry (taken with my iphone)

Review: Batiste™ Dry Shampoo

This is a scary fact, which I am sure all us ladies can totally relate to…actually as we speak, I have unruly hair that is giving me a bad hair feeling! ‘The average woman wakes up with unruly hair at least three times during the week* which adds up to twenty years’ worth of bad hair days in their lifetime’… Read more →

PANDORA sterling silver eternity style bracelet; PANDORA sterling silver bangle with heart-shaped clasp and cubic zirconia; PANDORA double leather bracelet; PANDORA sterling silver love bracelet with cubic zirconia; PANDORA sterling silver bracelet with heart-shaped clasp (images courtesy PANDORA)

PANDORA bracelets

I was recently in the Fourways PANDORA, yes I know I am addicted…it’s not like I bought a gorgeous PANDORA heart locket in Amsterdam! Anyway back to what I was saying about being in PANDORA…I couldn’t believe the range of bracelets to choose from. I thought they only did the iconic bracelet. Boy was I wrong, there are leather bracelets in different… Read more →