crispy skin salmon

Salmon is probably my favourite fish – it has such a delicate flavour and texture…and the best part is, it is an oily fish so it is quite difficult to dry it out…if you happen to over cook it slightly…or if you are like me and do not like yours medium rare but rather well done.

There isn’t really a recipe for my dinner below, as it is pretty much what you see is what I ate…it was more prep than any actual cooking per se.


  • Spice your salmon with your favourite spice (I always use Thai 7 Spice – you can get it from your local woolies…it is so fragrance with a bit of a bite…yum!)
  • Place spiced salmon, flesh side down (esp if you own a Le Creuset griddle pan) on the griddle pan for approx. 4 – 5 mins a side and serve.


  • Place veg in a roasting pan and spice (I use a section of spices – mixed herbs, garlic flakes, salt & dukka)
  • Roast the veg for a total of 20 mins but add the mushrooms when there are 10 mins left
  • Perfect, tasty veg every time…dish up and enjoy!

Below are the pics I took of my dinner, just as I was getting ready to serve it…looks so yummy…wish I could eat it again!

Blog - Salmon-1 - small

Roast Veg – Image Shelley Burt

Salmon, fish, grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon – Image  Shelley Burt


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