Invisiboobble best hair tie ever – review

I recently received a pack of Invisibobbles. If you have never heard of them, they are hair rings that look like telephone cables, well that is the easiest way to explain them (I have included a pic below). When the Invisibobble is wrapped around your hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of your ponytail, this is the reason it doesn’t leave any obvious mark or dent in your hair. It is this uneven pressure that allows your hair to be held strongly in a ponytail without being too tight and damaging.

Invisibobble claims : 

Below are the claims that Invisibobble make about their product :

  •    Traceless
  •    Avoids headaches
  •    It is caring to your hair – no split ends
  •    Wearable with all hair types
  •    Strong grip

I wasn’t sure if I totally believed all the claims they made so I needed to put the hair ring to the test for myself. I obviously wanted the retro and shocking pink ones, called Candy Pink – I mean wouldn’t you…they are just so rocking!

Invisibobble Candy Pink (Image from

Invisibobble Candy Pink (Image from

My review – normal use :

I have used them as you would normally during the day while at work at my desk or while running around at an event. I found they kept my hair in place perfectly the whole day, there was no need to re-tie them all. I also noticed that they didn’t give me that sore neck that can lead to a headache from the hair tie being too tight.

My review – while exercising : 

Then, I thought I best really put these hair rings to the test and use them while exercising at GetFit and when I go for a run. I can say I am very impressed…during GetFit they kept my hair in place, until it came time for abs…but I understand, I don’t think any hair tie can manage one of Justin’s or Warren’s (the trainers at GetFit) insane abs sets!

For my run, they kept my hair almost exactly where it was (you can see in the pic below the before and after – I can barely tell the difference). It wasn’t necessary to re-tie my hair at all on my run. And not being a runner at all…I do bounce around and run at an uneven pace…so the poor hair ring really was tested to the max.

General comments :

In terms of traceless, I find that it is almost 100% traceless unless my hair is filthy dirty but then again, when that is the case…everything causes my hair to keep the shape…you never want to see if after I wake up with dirty hair…haha!

A friend of mine also used Invisibobbles and has a slightly different experience, but her hair is double the length of mine and therefore alot heavier. So she finds that after a while she does need to re-tie them as it starts as a high pony tail and slowly sags down. So I guess it is also depends on your hair length and weight…which totally makes sense.

My ponytail tied with invisibobble before and after a run

My ponytail tied with an Invisibobble – before and after a run – can you tell the difference? I can’t.

Conclusion : 

All in all I am more than happy with my experience with Invisiboobles and having tested them, I am glad to report that I now have them in three additional colours – pastel blue, black and clear, as well as the original pink. So I am building up quite the collection and can pretty much match them to my outfits…best accessory ever! Love them!

So if you are not sure, take the plunge and purchase them, you will not be sorry!

They retail for about R80 for a pack of three and can be found at select hair dressers, Rubybox and other specialised retailers.


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