What to pack for a European Summer holiday?

As I fly to Cyprus on Friday evening, there is a mad dash to try and pack everything and remember what all I need or think I’ll need to take. I checked the weather this morning and we are looking at an average of 32°C and 75% humidity…with a comfort index or what it actually feels like being around 42°C… So that is pretty toasty in comparison to the 20°C, we have been experiencing in Joburg.

And, as we know, there is just never enough space in your suitcase for everything you want to take…or at least that is the story of my life, whenever I go on holiday. So, you need to think carefully about what you need and what you want to take. I find the best thing is to pack what you need and then if there is space, pack what you want.

Below, is a basic guideline of the kinds of things you should pack for a Summer holiday in Europe.

Flight Essentials

  • Passport and ID/Drivers license, with a visa in, should you need one
  • Flight booking/confirmation
  • Copy of your travel insurance
  • Headphones, as the ones in the plane often don’t work well
  • Hand sanitiser, to help reduce your chances of getting sick from germs on the plane
  • Lip balm & moisturiser, as the air can get pretty dry in the plane
  • Book/tablet/kindle, incase you don’t want to watch the in-flight entertainment and you can read on the beach when you arrive
  • Phone/Camera, if you are taking one – I don’t go anywhere without mine
  • Tissues, as you never know when you need one

Clothes ideas

  • Shorts & t-shirts
  • Dresses
  • At least 1 pair of jeans
  • Jersey/tracksuit top or rainproof jacket
  • underware & socks
  • Takkies & sandals
  • Bikini, Tankini, full costume/bathing suit, which ever takes your fancy. If you are planning to spend a lot of time at the beach, take more than one.
  • 1 pair of smart shoes & clothes, for nights out (however, if you are going to the beach, it tends to be more chilled, so you probably don’t need a very fancy outfit)
  • pashmina/scarf, just incase it’s a little chilly or windy

Other important items, not to forget

  • A good, easy to wheel and lift suitcase – I love my Samsonite suitcase. It is super light (which means I can pack more into it), it’s very durable (which means no cracking or splitting when they throw it off the plane) and amazingly easy gliding wheels (making moving it so much easier, you don’t need to fight with it). I must say, I never understood why people spent so much money on a suitcase until I owed one, and to be honest, it is worth every cent I paid. It makes traveling so much easier!
  • Sunglasses, at least one pair
  • Sunscreen, if you are pale like me then I’m sure you will be wanting SPF50 – love the Vichy Ideal Soleil one, as it gives great coverage and isn’t sticky
  • Stylish beach bag, so you can look awesome while carrying around all your essentials on the beach – I love Lou Harvey‘s range of bags
  • Sarong, as they are always great to put on while walking around in your cozzie. If you don’t have one, you can go to a fabric store and get a beautiful piece of cotton fabric and you’re sorted
  • Hat, this is probably as important as sunscreen. So, don’t leave it behind, though if you do, I’m sure you will easily find one to buy
  • Medication bag that includes things such as aspirin, Imodium, Vomifene, plasters, insect repellant, etc. As Europe’s laws for getting medication over the counter are very different to ours, so you often can’t get anything without going to a doctor.
  • Adapters for the country you are going to, so you can charge your electronic devices
  • Power Bank, so you can keep your phone or another devices charged while you are sight seeing – Takealot.com has a great selection
Some essentials to pack for a European beach holiday

My essentials ready to be packed for a European beach holiday

Well hopefully I have remembered everything 🙂 Wishing everyone who is going away to Europe or otherwise, a safe journey and fantastic holiday!

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