Best way to remove facial hair?

Yes ladies, this is a subject that isn’t always discussed openly and yes, we do have unwanted facial hair that we want to remove but might not know the best way to go about it.

I’m very lucky, as I have blonde facial hair, so much so that I used to have to dye my eye brows, so you knew I had some! As I’ve grown older, it has darkened slightly, which has made me aware of what I call my mouche…sounds much better than moustache. So now, I am of the opinion that I need to remove the hair…so I will share with you the best ways I have found.


Yes, this will remove the hair…painfully…I might add. But, if you have sensitive skin, then I am not sure I would go this route, as it might cause a skin reaction or even a breakout. I don’t have very sensitive skin and I broke out the first time I waxed. Yes…can you believe I did it again…crazy right – anyway, if you are insistent on waxing, then I would recommend that you use facial wax strips, or the new product that I came across in Dis-Chem, which is Mandy’s Facial Wax Wand. It retails for about R89.95. Which I know is not cheap, but it is much easier to use than wax strips because of the precision tip, which ensures that you are able to accurately apply the wax, where you want it. It’s great for your upper lip and brows! So in conclusion, if you are afraid of pain and have sensitive skin, this is probably not the best method of facial hair removal for you!


To be honest, I am yet to try this on my mouche…I’m too scared, as I know from threading my brows, that it hurts way more than waxing. Or at least for me, it feels that way! So, I can just imagine the pain. However, a friend of mine swears by this method, as it doesn’t cause any rashes or irritation to her sensitive skin at all. She says it is painful but worth it for her. For me, I would rather not find out…or at least right now! Hehe! Nowadays, most salons offer threading, I know my Sorbet in Douglasdale does, so I am sure others do too.

Hair removal cream

Beauty is pain, as one of my close friends used to say, but it doesn’t have to be…you could use facial hair removal cream, which is painless, effective and super easy! The only one I have seen that is specifically for your face (yes ladies, please do not use normal hair removal cream on your face – I’m not sure what will happen!) is Mandy’s Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo (can you tell I am a Mandy’s girl…I just find that their products are the best and are also affordable). The box, includes the facial hair removal cream and a soothing skin protect balm, which is used to gently soothe, moisturise and protect your skin prior to the use of the hair removal cream. It is so quick and easy to use, as it only starts on for 10 – 15 mins and voila your facial hair is gone! Mandy’s Facial Hair Removal Duo retails for approximately R47.99 at Clicks & Dis-Chem…so it’s pretty affordable and very convenient!


Removal of facial hair is a personal choice, first off and second off, the method you prefer or choose, is also personal. So in my personal opinion, the easiest, quickest and painless way is with facial hair removal…and for me that is the best way. However, that is not to say that the other ways are not simple and effective.

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair Removal Methods


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