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I am in the process of packing and getting ready for my beach holiday…we leave on Saturday morning. Super excited! All I can sing in my head is : We all going on a Summer holiday by Cliff Richards…yeah my parents love him…I might have given away my age…not sure!

Anyway, with holiday’s fresh in my mind, I started making a list of what all I need to take with. I am horrified to admit that until I started thinking about it, I didn’t realise I needed to take so many things! My mind immediately turned to the most important things : costume, beach towel, beach umbrella, hat, sunglasses…the list seems endless! And then it struck me…Oh my…what about something to put it all in – a suitcase. My goodness my head is spinning with the thought of all these things. How do I choose which size? With or without wheels? So many options!

Below are a few tips to help you with choosing your baggage for your Summer or December holiday.

Tips on choosing a suitcase :

  • Wheels or no wheels – yes to wheels as they help lighten the load. Four wheels are better than two as they distribute the load evenly and are easier to maneuver provided you are not hiking in the mountains!
  • Hard or soft case – no doubt in my mind…hard! It adds extra protection for your valuables, especially if you are flying and you are not guaranteed that your suitcase will be handled with tender loving care.
  • Size matters – this all depends on where you are going and what you need. For over night business trips you only need hand luggage/carry on baggage size – approx. 54 – 55cm. However, if you are going on an overseas trip for a week, you will need a medium to large sized bag – approx 69 – 80cm. Or in my case, a trip to the North Coast, a medium bag is perfect!
  • Try before you buy – it is best to go into a luggage store and see what baggage options are on available. Then try out the suitcase you like. See how easy it is to pick-up, how light it is and how easily it moves around. This will help you make your final decision.

After considering all these factors, I am happy to report…I know which suitcase I want! I mean have you seen the gorgeous Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner now comes in PINK…bright pink to be exact!!! I just know I must have one! It is so girly, pretty and perfect for my Summer holiday…not to mention any other holiday!

Below I have given you a run down of what I like most about this suitcase…yes it is a sales pitch…the one I used on my husband, Garith.

Best features of the Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner: 

  • It is lightweight…so important if you are travelling alone…not that I am but it is something that could happen!
  • It is impact and scratch resistant…this make sure it stays in beautiful condition regardless how much you travel…if you are like me…I do like to try get as much travelling done as possible in a year 🙂
  • It has four multi-directional wheels that allow for 360 degree upright rolling in just about any direction…this is so for me as I am always getting lost and having to run around in every direction imaginable to find my way…this is super convenient and a big plus!
  • They come in a range of different sizes 55cm – 86cm that will suit just about anyone’s size and travel requirements. I like a medium sized bag – so my favourite size is the 69cm…again perfect for a Summer holiday to the beach!
  • It comes in other colours…if you are not crazy about pink like I am…they are also available in black, red, silver, emerald green and dark blue. What more could we want!

If you are sold on getting one of these gorgeous suitcases, they are available from all leading luggages stores countrywide and retail from R4 995 and are worth every cent!

Contact details for Samsonite :

website :

Twitter : @Samsonite_SA

Facebook :

Samsonite cosmolite spinner bright pink

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner Suitcase in Bright Pink

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