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As I’m sure you know, we are flying to Croatia on Friday, yes this Friday. The time has flown by and now it’s time for us to explore Croatia.

Packing space is at a premium as myself and my husband are sharing 1 suitcase…yes you read right…1 suitcase! So, I can’t pack anything but the essentials and was worried how I was going to fit in 2 swimming towels…as I am not going all the way to beautiful Croatia to not swim in that gorgeous aqua blue ocean.

Well thanks to fellow blogger Kathryn from Becoming You (do follow her – she is fantastic and you will love her blog), I got the answer – The Cotton Company Turkish Towels. So, thank you Kathryn for saving my almost travel disaster! And to Madeleine from The Cotton Company for your quick, personalised & fantastic service!

What is a Turkish Towel

It isn’t what we traditionally know as a towel, as it isn’t fluffy. However, it is a 100% Natural Aegean cotton, which makes it soft, absorbent and luxurious! And, they are lightweight, dry super-fast and are fluff-free. Which makes them perfect, for so much more than just my trip!

Other Uses:

The Turkish Towel is the perfect accessory for your house, or while traveling. It can also be used for the following:

  • Towel – obviously!
  • Beach Wrap
  • Shawl
  • Scarf
  • Throw
  • Table Cloth
  • Sofa Cover

Let’s just say the options are endless, as I am sure you could find lots of other uses for this gorgeous, stylish and versatile towel.

What I love

They take up almost no space at all – can even fit in my hand luggage.

They are so versatile, it is my beach wrap, shawl & towel in one – so saves on packing extra things!

They come in so many different colours and designs, making it easier to identify which is your towel and also means there is one for each of our personalities.

About The Cotton Company

I just loved the story about The Cotton Company, it really made me feel like I wanted to be part of their journey…which is why I just knew I had to get myself some of these stylish Turkish Towels.

Their story told by Madeleine:

During our time living in Istanbul, the beauty of Turkey and the kindness of its people became part of what we wanted to share with our friends and family in South-Africa.

I went on an extraordinary road trip through the Turkish countryside and met with a family of authentic weavers of Turkish towels. To experience their legendary hospitality was humbling in countless ways. Their warmth is woven into the fabric of everything they do and we decided that we simply had to share their love.

Today, these are the kind, talented people who custom-weave the towels and textiles that The Cotton Company proudly offers you.

We work closely with these traditional weavers in rural Turkey to produce Turkish Towels with a fresh, modern look and the original quality that they are famous for. Our towels are woven from 100% pure Turkish cotton – the best quality that money can buy. The combination of premium cotton and traditional weaves and techniques create a product that is highly durable, but also soft and absorbent.

Just like The Cotton Company, Turkish hammam towels are crafted to create the perfect balance between style, beauty and practicality.

The Cotton Company Turkish Towels - Breeze, Grace & Kosi (taken with my Fujifilm X-T2)

The Cotton Company Turkish Towels – Breeze, Grace & Kosi (taken with my Fujifilm X-T2)

To buy your own Turkish Towel head on over to The Cotton Company’s website. Madeleine, is just fantastic and will be more than willing to help you if you have any queries or if you are struggling to choose one of their gorgeous designs (I know it took me quite a while to decide and choose).

Contact Details

Tel: 060 505 7894 (Madeleine)

Email: hello@thecottoncompany.co.za

Web: www.thecottoncompany.co.za

And be sure to follow The Cotton Company on Instagram… believe me when I say, after you see a few of their gorgeous pics, you won’t be able to resist getting your own Turkish Towel! I know – I did!


*Please note, these towels were not sponsored, I bought them myself and because of my experience with The Cotton Company, I wanted to share them.

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