Jinger Jack Discovery Bag

As you know, I am not only a blogger but also a professional family & boudoir photographer. And, I have been searching for a long time for a leather camera bag that doesn’t really look like a camera bag and can also double up as a handbag. There are so many options in the USA but I just couldn’t find any here. I had actually given up until I read a comment on a fellow blogger’s feed about the Jinger Jack Discovery camera bag. I rushed over to their website and feel in love with it!

My blown away experience

As usual I was doing everything last minute dot com, as I only found the Jinger Jack Discovery bag on Tuesday (yes, just 4 days before I fly to Cyprus) and of course, I wanted to take it with me on my trip – I mean, who wouldn’t!

I phoned the Joburg stockist – The Beautiful Life Store in Parkhurst. They didn’t have any in stock but took my details and said they would contact the Head Office in Cape Town and check, and then let me know. Well, you know in SA, how it goes when someone says they will phone you back, you more often than not, spend forever trying to contact them to find out if they do in fact have the item you are looking for. So…you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was, when within 10 minutes, Yolanda had phoned me back to say that Jinger Jack did have stock but only in Black.

I was a little disappointed, as I really wanted the Chestnut, but I would gladly accepted the Black, due to my time constraints. As I knew, there was nothing that Yolanda could do, her hands were tied…let’s be honest, it was my fault for leaving it this late.

Then, about an hour or so later, Yolanda, phoned me to say she had spoken to Jinger Jack Head Office and the CEO (or at least I think that’s who it was) had a Chestnut one with him in Langebaan, which I could have. He would drive it to Cape Town, and have it couriered to me the following day, meaning it would arrive in JHB on Thursday morning. I was speechless, I think that is close to the best service I have had in South Africa, in a very long time.

So, I need to say a huge thank you to The Beautiful Life Store and Jinger Jack for such fantastic service, that I was in fact blown away! Not only did you both go out of your way to make sure that I could receive the bag before my trip to Cyprus but you also managed to find the extra colour I wanted. You guys are rocks stars and I am exceptionally grateful!

Jinger Jack Discovery Bag

Now that I have share my fantastic service story with you, let me share my thought on this camera bag.

  • The Leather – I will start with the fantastic quality leather that is used, it is full grain soft cow hide. Since, I was a young girl, I have always loved leather, which came from my grandfather being a leathersmith. To this day, I will only buy leather, if I am given a choice
  • The Dimensions & design – It is 29cm (L), 19 cm (W) and 22cm (H) with a shoulder strap that extends from 103 – 112cm. I think the design is well thought out and I love the pocket on the front that is big enough to fit my wallet and a few other things
  • What fits – this is a bit of a personal thing, as it will depend on what gear you have. Having said that, let me list what I have in mine to take on holiday. Canon 5D Mark III with camera grip and 24 – 70 lens attached, 50mm lens & 16 – 35mm lens. And it could easily take a 70 – 200mm lens instead of the ones I have
  • What I love – it doesn’t look like a camera bag, it’s comfortable and it’s stylish
Jinger Jack Discovery Camera Bag

Jinger Jack Discovery Camera Bag

*Now I need to point out, neither Jinger Jack or The Beautiful Life Store knew about this blog post, and neither of them sponsored it in anyway. I am just that impressed with their service and product that I have written this post.

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  1. 8 January 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Wow! Nicely covered. That’s a real beautiful leather bag from Jack and Ginger. Thanks for publishing

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