New NIVEA Protect & Care Antiperspirant

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a deodorant that not only smells nice & fresh but also protects & cares for my skin. So, you can just imagine how excited I was to find the new NIVEA Protect & Care antiperspirant. It has the smell of NIVEA Creme that we all love and associate with NIVEA, and is non-irritating, so it leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for…which I love!

Here are the fast facts on this awesome product:

  • It provides effective 48 hr protection and contains the precious ingredients of NIVEA Creme and also has it’s unique fragrance
  • It is alcohol-free, that is non-irritating and well tolerated by our delicate underarm skin
  • It contains select ingredients that are known for their caring properties
  • Its skin compatibility has been dermatologically proven
  • It gives a long-lasting feeling of freshness, while leaving the skin soft and comfortably dry

What I loved:

  • Obviously the smell, its that clean and moisturised smell, or to me at least
  • It comes in aerosol, as that is the kind of den, I normally prefer…but the roll-on is great for travel as its less than 50mls
  • I am normally not a big fan of antiperspirant, as I find it normally irritates my skin & glands, but Protect & Care doesn’t do that at all. It leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for, I know it sounds cheesy but it really does
  • the aerosol gives an even spray that doesn’t get over everything (or at least mine did)

So if you are looking for a caring deodorant that will give you the protection, all us ladies want, then you must try the NIVEA Protect & Care antiperspirant.

NIVEA deodorant Protect & Care

NIVEA deodorant Protect & Care

Nivea Protect & Care Antiperspirant is available at leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide, in aerosol and roll-on, for an RSP of R29.99 and R19.99, respectively.

Contact NIVEA

Consumer Care Line: 0860 102 091



* Please note that NIVEA did provide me with the product to test, but did not force me to write anything, so these are my words and my experience with the product.

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