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PANDORA sterling silver eternity style bracelet; PANDORA sterling silver bangle with heart-shaped clasp and cubic zirconia; PANDORA double leather bracelet; PANDORA sterling silver love bracelet with cubic zirconia; PANDORA sterling silver bracelet with heart-shaped clasp (images courtesy PANDORA)

PANDORA bracelets

I was recently in the Fourways PANDORA, yes I know I am addicted…it’s not like I bought a gorgeous PANDORA heart locket in Amsterdam! Anyway back to what I was saying about being in PANDORA…I couldn’t believe the range of bracelets to choose from. I thought they only did the iconic bracelet. Boy was I wrong, there are leather bracelets in different… Read more →

Pandora Butterfly Jewellery Collection

new at Pandora : daisies and butterflies

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a complete sucker for butterflies and daisies. I can’t even count how many pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, I have with butterflies and/or daisies. I am also a Pandora addict (just in case you thought I didn’t have enough addictions…another one has been revealed), I have one full bracelet of charms and I’m… Read more →

A range of the Lidchi Kidz Rugs available for boys and girls

beautiful kiddies rugs

It’s no secret that my bestie, Candice (whose baby shower I planned a few weeks ago) is pregnant. Since she announced her pregnancy, I find myself spending hours and hours and hours, browsing online, looking at cute baby things. Like clothes, mini socks & shoes, toys, books, cribs and now my latest discovery Lidchi Kids Rugs. The addition of a perfectly themed rug… Read more →

Invisibobble Candy Pink (Image from

Invisiboobble best hair tie ever – review

I recently received a pack of Invisibobbles. If you have never heard of them, they are hair rings that look like telephone cables, well that is the easiest way to explain them (I have included a pic below). When the Invisibobble is wrapped around your hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of your ponytail, this is the reason it doesn’t leave… Read more →

Lingerie Letter's - August 2014 panties designed by Vanessa Haywood

Lingerie Letters

Like any woman, I am a sucker for pretty things and as we all know there is nothing prettier than a pair of custom made panties. So if this is your thing…that is cute, sexy and pretty panties…then you must subscribe to Lingerie Letters. My experience: I have received two pairs of gorgeous panties and am waiting for my third pair.… Read more →

Best Kitchen Buys

best kitchen buys

I am a gadget girl…especially if they are kitchen or cookware products and gadgets. My kitchen has almost everything that opens and shuts. I am the kind of person that once I walk into a kitchen shop I leave with ten items that I didn’t need but totally wanted. And I definitely should not be left unattended on Yuppiechef…I always… Read more →

Letter press cookie set

cookie message set

I am so in love with the new cookie cutter set that I recently got from Clicks –  Cookie Message Set. The set includes three different cookie cutters (heart, star & rectangle), a stamp and a bag full of letters and a selection of a few words, such as I love you, happy, holidays, etc. If you are wanting a whole new world… Read more →

A collection of Holster shoes

holster shoes

I am a huge fan of sandals in summer…actually they are pretty much all I wear. When I was recently at the Oakfield’s Bridal Expo, I saw Holster shoes (didn’t realise you could get them here…I was so excited) and instantly fell in love with the sandals. I tried some on and can say, they are so comfortable and also… Read more →

A photo of the Big Blue Art Dress

art dress

I have many weaknesses…so it seems I am finding out! Another one is Big Blue clothing, I always find something I can’t live without when I go into their store. I just love the colours that they combine and the fact that their clothing is a little funky and different. My latest purchase was their Art Dress in teal &… Read more →