My Winter essentials

Winter is most people’s worst time of year…the days are short, it’s cold and we just tend to feel miserable. Having said, there are some upsides to Winter – layering with warm snuggly clothes, scarves, boots & hot drinks!

As we are in the thick of Winter, I thought I would share my essentials – almost like my Winter survival kit – not sure I would survive without these things!

Hot Drinks

I’ve always been a coffee lover and that will never change but lately my new favourite thing is fresh lemon, ginger & honey tea. All you have to do is cut a few lemon slices, peel & slice some ginger, place them in a teapot or cup and add a little honey to sweeten. I like to leave it for a few mons so the flavors really develop. I found my Tea for One set at Home Etc, and it was about R280 – I just love the colorful polka dots!

Skin Hydration

I do not leave the house without applying hand cream, as my hands get so dry in winter and if I’m not careful the skin can crack…not pleasant! You never want to experience this. My favorite hand cream is the Clicks Tissue Oil one, it has a neutral smell, absorbs quickly and is nourishing. It also will not break the bank, as it retails for about R26 and I have one in my handbag for emergencies 🙂

If you are like me and tend to suffer from sinusitis during the colder months, then you will really like Letibalm Lip & Nose Repair – it’s a life saver. It not only moisturizes your dry lips but is also great for putting on the delicate skin around your nose. It really soothes the skin, especially if you have been blowing your nose a lot. It’s also safe for kids – which is great! It retinas for about R70, and is worth every cent, I also make sure I always have one in my handbag.

My last essential for keeping your skin hydrated in winter is Dove Purely Pampering body wash. I find it’s so luxurious, I love the vanilla smell and how it leaves my skin feeling softer and moisturized. It’s a little bit of indulgence and again won’t break the bank at about R38 for 250ml. It’s definatey one of my favourites.

Keeping Warm

As this is what Winter is all about, I thought I best mention some of my favourites to keep me snug as bug in a rug! PnP Clothing has awesome long sleeved stretch Tee’s – which I wear everyday under dresses, jersey’s, t-shirt’s – well actually pretty much everything! I even use them to sleep in. And the best part is there is a huge selection of colours, they obviously have the staples, like white, black, grey and navy. Then they have some awesome Wintery colours, such as the Plum one I have included in the photo below. And, they really are afford at R70 each, and to be honest they last as long as ones from more expensive stores – I know as I have a selection of both.

Then last but not least, I’m sure I could survive without my trusty ‘hot water’ bottle – though mine is one that you put in the microwave and don’t put hot water…but those are still available. I just loved the heart shaped warmer that I bought at Checkers for about R60 or R70 (if I remember correctly – but I could be wrong). It’s so easy to use, just pop the inner in the microwave for about a minute, please back in the cover and use. It stays warm for about an hour – so is perfect to keep you nice and toasty.

Hopefully you have found this useful and be sure to keep warm this Winter – I know I will as I have all my essentials at the ready 🙂

My Winter Essentials (Photographed with my iPhone 6s)

My Winter Essentials (Photographed with my iPhone 6s)

*please note that I purchased these things, except for the Letiblam, and was no way influenced to write about these products.

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