A boudoir photo shoot – why do one?

My ‘full time’ job is a photographer, but I am not just any photographer, I am a Boudoir Photographer. I’m sure there are some of you who are wondering what the hell is that. Well let me tell you, I get asked that question a lot! So please don’t feel embarrassed if you didn’t know…to be honest most people don’t know but are too shy to actually ask when I tell them what I do. For those people that are not shy, I often get asked what is boudoir photography and then the next question is always oh…why would someone do that?

So I thought, I would just clear it up for anyone who was interested to know what it is and why people do it.

What is boudoir photography?

First off, it is not porn…even though some people tend to think that. The easiest way to explain, is to start at the beginning and look at the definition of Boudoir. Which is French for a women’s private room or bedroom. However, in photography terms a Boudoir can be a bedroom, hotel room or anywhere that creates an intimate location for a classy and sensual photo shoot experience and images.

At my boutique boudoir studio, we define boudoir photography as the art of capturing beautiful, glamorous and sexy photos of women, in an intimate setting. This means that you can be any age, height or weight…we feel that every women is gorgeous and deserves to feel that way.

Why do a boudoir shoot?

When we ask our clients, why they did their boudoir shoot, they all have different answers but we started to notice a general pattern in their answers. So we complied a list of the top 3 reasons for doing a shoot…thinking about it, there is NO reason not to do one!

  • A Gift: It’s becoming increasingly trendy to do a boudoir shoot as a groom’s gift, as well as, for an anniversary or birthday gift for a spouse. This is because boudoir photos are special, unique and extremely personal…And like no other gift your partner has ever received!
  • To empower yourself: The sad truth is that, we get a lot of women walking into our studio with almost no self-confidence and hating this or that body part. This can make our job challenging but it’s also extremely rewarding when our client leaves and says thank you for a fun shoot but more importantly for making me look and feel so beautiful. I didn’t know I could look like this…meanwhile, we really didn’t change the way she looked at all. We just managed to change the way she views herself which is always the biggest challenge.
  • A Celebration: A lot of women want to celebrate the way they look now, weather it be because they have reached an age milestone, such as 30, 40, or 50 or they have lost weight, got a new job, been married for 20 years, the list goes on and on… When women are wanting to do a shoot for this reason, it is normally because they see a boudoir shoot as the perfect pamper day, that will not only last today but a lifetime… a moment in time has been frozen but the feelings from that moment will remain with you forever.

Our boudoir ladies come from all different walks of life, some are moms, some are wives, some are business owners, and some are brides…all of them are equally as fabulous and beautiful in every way. Each of them has a story to tell about their journey to feeling great in their own skin. If you want to read some of these stories, visit the Femme Fatale Boudoir Testimonial page.

So now that you are feeling like this is something you could do, or at least consider, you really should go have a look at our website – www.femmefataleboudoir.co.za and from there, feel free to contact us or email us on info@femmefataleboudoir.co.za. Because, at the end of the day, a boudoir shoot is for any and every woman and every woman deserves to look and feel gorgeous!

Here are a few pics of the gorgeous ladies we have photographed (please note, all photos posted are done so with permission).

Ms G's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms G’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms B's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms B’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms K's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms K’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms B's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms B’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms D's Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ms D’s Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot

Femme fatale Contact Details

Myself, Shelley Burt & Chantal Drummond own & run Femme fatale Boudoir in Johannesburg, our contact details are below:

Website – www.femmefataleboudoir.co.za

Facebook – @BoudoirFemmefatale

Instagram – @saboudoir

email – info@femmefataleboudoir.co.za

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