Things you might not have known…

I follow quite a few South African bloggers, one being Laura-Kim, who writes Harassed Mom (check out her blog – it’s awesome). So, when I read her post about Here are the things you might not know about her…I thought that would be such fun to do…and to be honest, some of the questions were harder to answer than I thought they would be. (Laura-Kim found the original post here)

My answers:

1. I’m happiest when…I am with the people that I love

2. …Especially if it… involves food and entertaining

3. I’ve always wanted to… travel Asia, see and experience the culture

4. My family and I… are made up of quite a collection of interesting and diverse people.

5. I was a terrible… runner and still am… Every year, I attempt it as I would like to be able to run but sadly, it is something I am just useless at…my body was not made to run.

6. My first job was… I don’t think working for my mom counts…so my first job was as a Public Relations Assistant after I finished my BA Honours degree

7. I could probably eat chocolate everyday. It’s my first choice when choosing a treat.

8. I stole… an eraser out of a book store, when I was about 13, it was a dare and I guess luckily I wasn’t caught.

9. I was born on the same day as… Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the sexy Robbie Amell

10. My all-time favorite film is… Dirty Dancing, I am a massive dance movie fan…they are my favourite movies ever

11. I do a pretty mean… homemade peanut butter cup, don’t make them often though

12. I’m still mad… that my brother drank my Amarula, and just put the bottle back in my cupboard…haha!

13. I met my husband… at Ocean Basket, unwillingly I might add, my friend dragged me – I didn’t want to go out with her boyfriend’s friends.

14. I always knew I wanted… to do something that involved creatively…so photography & writing suit me perfectly

15. I’m not afraid to… try something new and push my boundaries

16. I make the best… homemade ice cream… I’ve made so many different flavours and they have all been incredible

17. I have almost no… patience. I get frustrated easily & quickly.

18. I always cry when… this is a trick question, as I hardly ever cry, most people have never seen me cry… I think the last time was at my wedding walking down the isle with my dad…it was the realisation that he is getting older and will not be with me forever.

19. I’m (now) in my 30’s but I think I will always feel like I am still 20…

20. I spent 10 years… working in Public Relations, which made me realise that maybe it wasn’t for me…I’m a slow learner! haha!

21. I wish my folks… could visit more often, we don’t see each other as often as I would like as they live in Botswana

22. At 5, I have no idea what I was doing…probably climbing trees and intimidating the boys

23. I believe if everyone just treated each other with mutual love & respect the world would be a better place.

be kind to others

24. I can’t stand… TRAFFIC!!!!! (copied from Harrased Mom – I think its a JHB thing…haha)

25. Whenever Big Bang is on, I’ll watch it.

Join in if you want to!

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  1. 4 December 2017 at 8:53 pm

    So nice to see this personal side of you!

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