Microblading your eyebrows

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows microbladed for a while now, but I just never seemed to find the time. It wasn’t until my cousin-in-law mentioned that one of her clients had had hers done at salon in Fourways. That’s when I was sold on the idea, as was looking for somewhere relatively close that came recommended by someone.

So now, let me give you all the details:

What is microblading & how permanent is it?

Microblading is a semi permanent make up technique that aims to achieve the most natural looking result. A thin blade and hand held tool is used to create clean, crisp lines that resemble that of the natural brow hairs. This technique can last anything from 1-3 years depending on after care and lifestyle.

Where did I have it done?

Wink & Whisper in Fourways, which is owned by Falon. She is just so professional and guides you through the whole process. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went past, as she just chats and makes you feel so at ease. I really can’t recommend Falon enough!

Falon also does Hollywood & classic lashes, as well as lash lifts. And, I definitely think I need to try a lash lift next, it looks amazing!

The process & what to expect

Falon applies numbing gel when you arrive and leaves it for about 30 mins. While, we were waiting for the numbing to take, she discussed the colour I wanted for my brows and showed me what she recommended. I was happy with her selection, as my brows are quite fair and I wanted them darkened a bit.

After 30 minutes, she takes the gel off and starts to draw the outline for your brows. She uses special ruler and brow tools, to ensure that it’s all in proportion. She is fantastic as she lets you see and make changes if you want any made, the whole way. So, at no point do you feel like you are being bullied into having brows you don’t want – which I loved.

Once you are happy with the overall shape and look, she gets started with hand drawing your new brows with her thin blade brow tool, by dabbing it into the colored dye and scoring your skin. She does reapply numbing gel as she goes along, so there is minimal pain.

She does both brows, then gets you to sit up and check and you can make changes if you want. I asked for a little more on the one brow as it kept looking shorter and a little thinner than the other, but think it was mainly my eyes playing tricks on me. However, Falon was more than happy to make the changes, as she said, they are my brows and I have to be happy looking in the mirror every day!

The whole process took me about 1 hr 40, which is about average but sometimes it can take a little longer – it all depends 🙂

Does it hurt?

This is actually a difficult question to answer as I guess it depends on how well your skin takes to the numbing gel. Also, at any point if the pain is too much, you can ask Falon to apply more. I didn’t feel the need too, and there were only a few patches were it was a little sore but no more than plucking an eye brow hair.

After Care

After Care is pretty easy but Falon goes through it with you before you leave. Basically you can’t get your brows wet for 10 days or use any creams, makeup, etc on them. They need to scab and heal as naturally as possible. From the 6th day, you can apply some vitamin treatment cream that Falon gives you.

You also have to careful not to sleep on your side, as you could pull some of the scabs off earlier than they should come off and no matter what – no SCRATCHING!

Obviously, the better you look after them at this stage, the longer they will last. And the aim is to have them last as long as possible.

Before & After Microblading my eyebrows (taken with iPhone 6s)

The results: Before & After Microblading my eyebrows (taken with iPhone 6s)

A big thank you to Falon for making me feel so comfortable and giving me awesome brows!

Falon’s Contact Details:

Tel: 082 597 3945

Email: falonharris8@icloud.com

Facebook: WinkWhisperFalon

Instagram: @Wink_Whisper

*Please note, this post is not sponsored, I was just so happy with the service from Wink & Whisper and how my brows turned out, I wanted to share it with all of you!

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