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I have been fortunate enough to have met one of the best bakers ever – Lisa Drummond…she co-owns a small baking business called L’Il Delights and as their name states, they make all sorts of sweet homemade treats and delights to order.

Black Forest Cupcakes made by Lisa Drummond of L'Il Delights

Black Forest Cupcakes made by Lisa Drummond of L’Il Delights

About L’Il Delights

I met Lisa through her sister-in-law, Chantal who happens to be one of my close friends. Since meeting Lisa and being exposed to her company, I have tasted many of the different treats she has baked – cupcakes of all flavours…my favourite have been the oreo one she made that has an oreo in the middle – yum, my extravagant 30th birthday cake – which was in the shape of a pair of takkies with a tiara, baked cheesecake – so worth buying as it is so good!!! Lisa is so talented, all the sugar, butter and flour she touches turns into delicious golden delights!

My 30th's Birthday Cake made by Lisa Drummond of L'Il Delights

My 30th’s Birthday Cake made by Lisa Drummond of L’Il Delights

Mince Pies

Last week I ordered some of her Christmas mince pies to test out before ordering for the whole family. All I can say is wow – I was blown away…they were divine and I could have eaten all six myself but instead I somehow managed to share with my friends. The pastry is buttery, soft and perfect while the inside is sweet, yummy and fruity – they are heavenly. I will definitely be ordering two dozen for my family to enjoy over the festive season.


The next time you are looking for any sweet treat – cupcakes, a custom birthday or wedding cake, festive mince pies – be sure to contact L’Il Delights.

For more information or to place an order: visit their website  or Facebook page.

L'il Delights Christmas Mince Pies

L’il Delights Christmas Mince Pies


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