Happy.Me – my new favourite café

Happy.Me™ is a South African beverage mixology chain of cafés, which seems to be taking SA by storm. The menu includes authentic bubble tea, gourmet coffees, delicious smoothies and superb iced yoghurt. These Happy.Me™ funky cafés were launched by adventurous foodies, husband and wife – Jan & Jay Roode.

Happy.Me Drinks (R - L) - Apple & Cinnamon Milk Tea; Original Milk Tea; Rooibos, Peach and Yoghurt Popping Pearls; Spicy Carrot juice and Cookies & Cream Chocolate Latte

Happy.Me Drinks (R – L) – Apple & Cinnamon Milk Tea; Original Milk Tea; Rooibos, Peach and Yoghurt Popping Pearls; Spicy Carrot juice and Cookies & Cream Chocolate Latte

The menu

The menu is very extensive and could be quite intimidating to anyone who is not 100% familiar with the brand. The thing I find most difficult is trying to decide what to have…everything looks and sounds delicious.

What I have worked out is that the menu is split into the following sections, and if you can work out what you feel like based on the sections. It makes it a little easier to choose.

  • Bubble Tea – make your own unique tea, choosing from brewed tea bases and adding a range of yummy extra’s – from fruit syrups, popping pearl (my favourite), etc.
  • Chocolate – made with imported Belgian chocolate and there are nine unique flavours of hot and iced chocolate to choose from.
  • Coffee & Tea – serving a selection of the finest barista prepared hot & iced coffees, as well as more traditional hot milk teas.
  • Healthy – a scrumptious selection of fresh fruit and veggie juices, dairy-free hot teas and ice fruit yoghurt smoothies.
  • Iced Tea – a selection of clear and milk iced teas in a variety of unique flavours, from Lychee & Pasionfruit Green Tea to Apple & Cinnamon Milk Tea

Their stores

There are currently eight Happy.Me™ stores in SA and one in Namibia. They have stores in the following areas of Joburg and Pretoria: Bedfordview, Boskruin, Greenside, Fourways, Marshalltown, Rosebank, Centurion and Hazelwood. If you want an address for these stores to get a better idea of where in Rosebank, etc the store is located…and believe me you want to know…then you can visit the Happy.Me store locator. 

What I love about Happy.Me™

I love their logo and character – ME. He is so fun, funky and happy…no puns intended.

I also really like the fact that I can ‘create’ my own unique tea…it is such fun trying to think up what awesome and sometimes weird flavour I want to try next.

It’s a strange thing to like but I love the fact that they are totally sealed when you receive your delicious drink at the store. I am often on the run, rushing off to shop or on my way somewhere. So this works perfectly for me as I can always open it when I have 2 mins available to enjoy it.

Some of my favourite Happy.Me™ drinks

Now I haven’t told you a very important fact…I do not drink tea, except for herbal infusions and then I am also very particular as to which ones I drink. Having now said that, I am totally addicted to Happy.Me™ and could drink one of their delicious teas every day.

I thought I would give you a short list of some of my favourites from the menu (no I havent got through the whole menu but with the help of friends…I am getting there).

  • Bubble Teas:
    • Rooibos,  Peach and Yoghurt popping pearls (Caffeine-free)
    • Rooibos, Raspberry and Green Apple popping pearls (Caffeine-free)
    • Jasmine Green, Lychee and Passionfruit popping pearls
  • Chocolate
    • Iced Belgian Chocolate and Cookies & Cream (it has real chunks of cookies in…yum)
  • Coffee
    • Paris Rose Latte (tastes like Turkish Delight coffee…it is my new found favourite coffee ever)
  • Healthy
    • Spicy Carrot with Apple, Celery & Ginger
    • Strawberry Iced Yoghurt
  • Iced Tea
    • Apple & Cinnamon Milk Tea

Contact details 

Website – www.happyme.co.za

Facebook – www.facebook.com/happymeSA

Twitter – @HappyMeSA

Instagram – @Happymesa

The Fourways Happy.Me Store - photo courtesy of Happy.Me

The Fourways Happy.Me Store – photo courtesy of Happy.Me

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