Triumph has launched an online store – at last!

There is nothing worse than having to try on lingerie in most shops, I have no idea why but I swear they buy mirrors that make you look fatter than you are…and the lighting…well we won’t go into that (let’s just say – it’s not great). Then my favourite fail…which always happens to me…no idea why, is other people barging into your stall while you are trying on a selection of outfits or lingerie.


Well there is no more of that, now that Triumph has launched their online store.  There is so much choice available…everything from sensual and seductive to sensible and plain lingerie. Triumph has their full range of bras, bustiers, push-ups, corsets, body suits and panties online for you to choose from. At the click of your mouse you can get dressed – or better still, undressed – for every occasion!


How to get the perfect fit

This is something that all women are worried about when ordering online…what happens if it isn’t the right size. Well Triumph has you covered…the online store has a Fit Advice page, which tells you how and where to measure and they even have a calculate your size so you don’t have to try work it out yourself. This really takes some of the stress out of online lingerie shopping. And if after all that help, it still doesn’t fit or you are unhappy, the returns policy is user-friendly and Triumph offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase and return it within 30 days.


Not sure what Bra you are looking for?

If you are unsure of what bra you want or are looking for, then use Triumph’s Bra Finder. You select the style you like, band size, preferred colour and cup size and it will give you all the different options available for purchase…the best part is the start over button, so you can do this as many times as you want till you find what you need…LOVE!


Best part of online shopping 

My favourite part of shopping online with Triumph is once you have found the perfect size and style, there’s no disappointment that the lingerie you like isn’t in store. The beauty of shopping online is that every imaginable size, colour and style is always available. Sounds too good to be true…well then head over to and see for yourself how enjoyable online shopping can be! Thanks Triumph for making our lives a little easier 🙂

Triumph's Online Store Homepage

Triumph’s Online Store Homepage

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