Tattooathon for CHOC 2014

On 6 June, I participated in the the national Tattooathon campaign where the proceeds of each tattoo go to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation. Fallen Heroes (my tattoo studio of choice) participates every year – so that was definitely a sign that I should go ahead and do it! Also CHOC is one of my clients so it just seemed right.

I booked to have my tattoo done with Bryan who did my previous one (the heart Celtic design on the left). Then the tattoo design search began…Yes I booked before I found a design. Needless to say, I now have so many others that I want done…but that is for another post!

I eventually settled on another¬†Celtic design…clearly there is no problem here…I am only addicted to Celtic designs! The design (which you can see on the right) is made up of infinity signs to look like a dragonfly (so everyone says).

I must just point out that I had no idea where I was going to put this tattoo except on my arm…luckily Bryan is fantastic and gave me some direction (the reason I love him)…as I totally love the final result!

So to end off I am just going to say…I feel good about doing my bit for charity and I love my new tattoo! Perfect ending to a long week!


Image courtesy of Tracy Lee Stark (Citizen newspaper)

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My new tattoo (on the right) – taken with my iphone

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