Peppadew Atchar

Having grown up and lived in a household with a more British influence, atchar wasn’t something I was really aware even existed. If I was exposed to it, I certainly do not remember. It was only after I had moved to South Africa that I was exposed to the wonderful world of atchar. And one of our home-grown South African brands, Peppadew® has launched a delicious range of Atchars!

A good atchar requires a real lactic acid fermentation process to produce it’s unique taste and flavour. The Peppadew® Atchars are packed in lined, well-sealed drums to prevent any exposure to air, which ensures that a true lactic acid fermentation process takes place.

If you are like me and not a hug fan of super oily condiments (I hate an oil slick in my mouth after I have eaten something), then you will enjoy the Peppadew® Atchars as have less oil than most of the other atchars on the market.

The best thing about the Peppadew® Atchars is the unique and very South African flavour they offer with the addition of Piquanté peppers.

Atchar is such a diverse and delicious accompaniment to so many dishes. So be sure to give the new Peppadew® Atchars a try…don’t tell anyone but my favourite is the Peppadew® Mild Mango Atchar with Piquanté Peppers, I love it on a ham, avo and cottage cheese sarmie…strange I know but so delish!

The range consists of the following four variants and retails for approximately R22.99 each

  • Peppadew® Mild Vegetable Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew® Hot Vegetable Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew® Mild Mango Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew® Hot Mango Atchar with Piquanté Peppers

Just keep in mind they are currently only available at Checkers and Spar in Gauteng.

Peppadew® Atchar

New Peppadew® Atchar range (pic from Peppadew®) and my ham, avo, cottage cheese and Peppadew® Mild Mango Atchar sarmie (pic taken with my iPhone)


  3 comments for “Peppadew Atchar

  1. kobus pieterse
    26 June 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Good products but not for the poor like pensioners

  2. Amina
    31 August 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Don’t like the taste very slimy horrible no zing at all

  3. mamorena
    1 March 2018 at 8:21 pm

    I love this atchaar it one of the kind , it not too hot and it spicy

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