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I am so in love with the new cookie cutter set that I recently got from Clicks –  Cookie Message Set. The set includes three different cookie cutters (heart, star & rectangle), a stamp and a bag full of letters and a selection of a few words, such as I love you, happy, holidays, etc.

If you are wanting a whole new world of baking possibilities…then this set is definitely for you. It is such fun to use, you can stamp and bake any customised messages into sugar cookies, create tasty table settings and party decorations.

All you need to do is:

  1. select the shape of cookie you want to press.
  2. Press in the stamp button and insert either a ready made word or compose your own message with the individual letters.
  3. Stamp the cookie out on your rolled dough
  4. Bake, decorate and eat.

This set is perfect for avid bakers and people with kids…it’s a great project to do with the kids and is enjoyable for all involved. Just be sure to help the kids with putting the messages together as this can be quite tricky for adults. Keep in mind that you need to spell your messages backwards (this took me a while to get the hang of and I had many strange messages on my cookies…hehe).

The set can also be used on fondant, which makes it really versatile and can add lots of fun to other baking projects.

For the best results, use a good & reliable sugar cookie recipe, such as this one.

The Cookie Message Set is available from Clicks for approximately R60.

sugar cookies made with the Cookie Message Set

sugar cookies made with the Cookie Message Set

Letter press cookie set

Cookie Message Set

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