Le Creuset obsession

I have an online shopping compulsion…obsession…I just think think I am gifted at buying beautiful things but my financial advisor (Garith) doesn’t seem to see it that way! I have a specific weakness for Le Creuset…I think everything of theirs is gorgeous and I must have it!

I originally tried to collect only one of the colours but I failed as they keep releasing new stunning colours that I can’t live without…so needless to say I am a Le Creuset whore! But I am ok with that…I will die happy surrounded by Le Creuset things šŸ™‚

I will not even attempt to list all the Le Creuset items I have as I will shock both you and me! However, I will add that I currently have my eye on a cast iron casserole pot…they are just so gorgeous and make delicious stews, curries and casseroles! Yum…just perfect for this chilly weather…maybe I can bend Garith’s arm to get one before the end of winter!

Here is the pic of the one (I think) I want…might change my mind when I actually go to the store.

Le Creuset

Photo is courtesy of Le Creuset


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