Europe trip – planned

Friends of ours are getting married in Canterbury, UK in April 2015! We are so happy and excited for them! Sean and Cat couldn’t be more suited for each other and we wish them all the best and can’t wait to join them for their big day!

However, we have decided…(when I say we…I really mean me) to make a trip of it – and it can be my ‘honeymoon’. As we decided not to go in March when we got married but rather to look at an international destination in 2015.

This whole crazy idea came from the fact that April is the perfect time to visit Holland to see the tulips in bloom. So, yes I have booked to go to Amsterdam. Then, me being the crazy person I am…started looking at other European cities I wanted to go to. And Prague is somewhere that I have wanted to go as it looks so beautiful and I love Gothic style cities and buildings. Lastly Dubrovnik was added because my sister-in-law suggested Croatia and when I saw pics of Dubrovnik…I was sold and definitely going there!

Let me just mention – I have booked and paid for my flights and accommodation. So, let me give you the hectic and world wind itinerary :

JHB – London – Canterbury : 9 April (wedding is the 11th April)

Canterbury – London – Dubrovnik : 13 April

Dubrovnik – London – Amsterdam : 17 April

Amsterdam – London – Prague : 21 April

Prague – London – JHB : 25 April

That gives us 3 full days in each city. After extensive research, I discovered that it is possible to explore all these cities in that length of time. I know it will be insane but I can’t wait and wish I didn’t have to wait so long. It will be the first time I am going overseas with my husband, Garith to countries and cities that he hasn’t already been too! So I think he is also excited.

Now let the wait begin…only 9 months and 8 days to go! Haha!

Croatia, Dubrovnik, travel

Dubrovnik, Croatia –

Above is the pic of Dubrovnik that convinced me that I need to go there!


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