Lindt launches Fruit Sensation range

I had the pleasure of going to the launch of Lindt Fruit Sensation, and let me tell you. They were so delicious, I couldn’t resist tasting them even though was I was to the dietician to be weighed after the launch. So, I’m sure you want to know it they were worth it and the short answer is HELL YES!

Lindt Fruit Sensation are a selection of dark chocolate nibbles with soft, fruity centres. Which make the perfect sweet snack, when you are craving something that’s not too naughty for you but tastes really nice. These bite-sized indulgences are Lindt’s introduction into dark chocolate snacking…yum!

One thing is for sure, if you are a fan of Lindt dark chocolate then you will love the Fruit Sensation range. They are the perfect balance of fruitiness, sweetness and bitterness. They will definitely become a fast favourite for you and your family. I also love that they come in a re-sealable bag, so you can have  a few and put them away and don’t feel pressurised to eat them all…unless you want to of course!

The Lindt Fruit Sensation range comprises dark chocolate with a heart of three fruity fillings, based on fruit purée:

Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry: Beneath its dark chocolate outer layer lies a soft heart of intense notes of raspberry, married with the subtly acidic notes of cranberry.

Fruit Sensation Blueberry & Acai: The sweetness of blueberry and the exoticism of acai combined to create an irresistibly tasty centre, enrobed by the finest Lindt dark chocolate.

Fruit Sensation Orange & Grapefruit: Bitter and sweet pair up to create an irresistibly complex and intense fruity centre. The sweetness of orange is enhanced by the hint of acidity found in pink grapefruit, and expertly completed by a Lindt dark chocolate casing. 

The Lindt Fruit Sensation range is available exclusively at Woolworths and Lindt Chocolate Boutiques from 23 April 2018. A 150g resealable bag will retail for a recommended selling price of R64.95.

P.s…my favourite one is the Orange & Pink Grapefruit…but I would happily eat any of them 🙂

Lindt Fruit Sensation Range (taken with my iPhone 8)

Lindt Fruit Sensation Range (taken with my iPhone 8)

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