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LINDT EXCELLENCE MILD 70% (photo taken with iPhone 6s)


Are you someone who doesn’t like dark chocolate because of its bitter taste? Well then I have found the perfect chocolate for you! LINDT have created LINDT EXCELLENCE MILD 70%, which is perfect for your taste buds’ first introduction into dark chocolate. As it’s got a milder taste, it will make it a lot easier to enjoy 🙂 LINDT EXCELLENCE… Read more →

Cadbury Dairy Milk launches SA's first Joy Generator #WhatsYourFlavourSA

What’s Your Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavour?

Cadbury Dairy Milk have launched yet another exciting campaign… SA’s first Joy Generator (I will explain what it is in a moment). Which I am so excited about as it combines 2 of my favourite things Chocolate & Happiness! I just love chocolate and who doesn’t need to generate a little joy in their lives. It’s a match made in heaven!… Read more →

Cadbury GLOW (16 Pack) - I just love this packaging...it is beautiful & elegant - just like my mom!

Spoil mom with Cadbury GLOW

It’s hard to believe that it is already Mother’s Day, it seems that the year is just speeding by! Most year’s I don’t get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom as she lives in Gaborone, Botswana. However, this year I am very lucky to be flying down for a few days, including Mother’s Day. When I was a child,… Read more →

delicious chocolate cupcakes with red icing

delicious chocolate cupcakes

There is nothing better than a delicious moist chocolate cupcake or cake…and this recipe from Robyn Stone’s blog : Add a pinch, could easily be the best chocolate cake recipe ever. The mixture is rich, chocolatey and yummy. As it is a cake recipe, we adapted it slightly for cupcakes and added chocolate chips (Angelique’s idea) to the batter to add that… Read more →

A photograph of shelley burt's whiskey chocolate cheesecake

whiskey chocolate cheese cake

As it was Father’s Day on Sunday, we had lunch at my in-laws. I was asked to bring dessert…I must mention there were 16 adults and 2 children…I thought long and hard as to what one takes for so many people. I finally decided to look through my Le Creuset recipes and stumbled upon an Irish whiskey chocolate cheese cake and thought…yum yum! Decadent… Read more →