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Lindt Fruit Sensation Range (taken with my iPhone 8)

Lindt launches Fruit Sensation range

I had the pleasure of going to the launch of Lindt Fruit Sensation, and let me tell you. They were so delicious, I couldn’t resist tasting them even though was I was to the dietician to be weighed after the launch. So, I’m sure you want to know it they were worth it and the short answer is HELL YES!… Read more →

The new premium chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

A New Chocolate – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

In the shops, I am sure you have noticed that Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched a new chocolate. I’m also sure, that you are like me and desperate to taste it. Well I obviously tried it, but to make me feel better, I decided to share it with my husband. We all know things are better when shared with a loved one…or… Read more →