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jalapeño, bacon and cheddar corn bread

One of my client’s is Bandito’s…which is just perfect as Garith & I really enjoy spicy food…Garith more so than me but I do enjoy some spice and heat in my life. As I took most of the food pics for Bandito’s. I thought I would share probably one of my favourite recipes of theirs – Jalapeño, Bacon and Cheddar… Read more →

A photo of salmon being grilled on a Le Creuset griddle pan

crispy skin salmon

Salmon is probably my favourite fish – it has such a delicate flavour and texture…and the best part is, it is an oily fish so it is quite difficult to dry it out…if you happen to over cook it slightly…or if you are like me and do not like yours medium rare but rather well done. There isn’t really a recipe… Read more →