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wine bottles with a wine glass

wine – beginner style

Not being much of a wine drinker (you would never think it…if you saw my wine fridge) or should I say not being a wine drinker at all! I spend a lot of time researching the different wines and then a lot of money buying said wine. Although, my friends know and will tell you that I pull all sorts… Read more →

Femme Fatale Boudoir client shoot - Miss L

new adventure – femme fatale

I am not even sure where to begin with this post as I am so excited about our new adventure. Chantal Drummond (one my close friends and fellow boudoir photographer) and I have finally joined forces in the boudoir photography arena. We have been talking about this for over a year…but timing just wasn’t right. To cut a long story… Read more →

A photo of the GetFit Johannesburg team - Warren van Vuuren, Lesley Grindrod & Justin van Vuuren

exercise challenge – Getfit Jozi

At the beginning of 2014, Garith & I decided to try the Getfit Challenge, after my work colleague Charmaine had raved about it…well it can’t be that bad as I am now doing my 2nd challenge and I am addicted. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing easy about it. However, let me start by explaining what it is – it… Read more →

A photo of Shelley Burt getting a tattoo by Bryan at Fallen Heroes

Tattooathon for CHOC 2014

On 6 June, I participated in the the national Tattooathon campaign where the proceeds of each tattoo go to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation. Fallen Heroes (my tattoo studio of choice) participates every year – so that was definitely a sign that I should go ahead and do it! Also CHOC is one of my clients so it just seemed right.… Read more →