wine – beginner style

Not being much of a wine drinker (you would never think it…if you saw my wine fridge) or should I say not being a wine drinker at all! I spend a lot of time researching the different wines and then a lot of money buying said wine. Although, my friends know and will tell you that I pull all sorts of funny faces when tasting wine. To me, most wine tastes too dry or too acidic and all I taste is the tannin’s. However, there are a few that I have tasted and quite like but the list is short and I do hope that over time I will be able to add a few options to the list 🙂 Everyone tells me the more I drink wine the more I will like it…Challenge Accepted!

  • Haute Cabrière Chardonnay/Pinot Noir
  • Vergenoegd Merlot 2006
  • Vergenoegd Shiraz 2005
  • La Motte Shiraz 2010
  • La Motte Chardonnay
  • Anthonij Rupert Optima

If you are like me and a little blonde when it comes to being able to really ‘taste’ wines…then this infographic from Wine Folly should help you…and with a little practice you will soon be a wine connoisseur instead of just a wine dabbler!

wine tasting, wine infographic, wine folly

wine – beginner style – Infographic from Wine Folly

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