Say HELLO to summer with LINDT HELLO & Fix from 5fm

I recently attended the LINDT HELLO Summer pool party launch. It was at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, pool side of course! The drinks were perfect for the hot weather…cocktails, which quenched our thirst and helped cool us down.

At the launch, the face of the LINDT HELLO brand, DJ Fix from 5fm, was announced…and we also got to taste the new LINDT HELLO EMOTIS (which were super delicious and I loved but more about those a little later!).

DJ Fix

Fix is the perfect fit and match for LINDT HELLO, which is a playful yet sophisticated range of delicious chocolates…she is stylish, modern and quirky yet consistently presents herself with bold self-confidence. And, let’s be honest, she is gorgeous!

Dj Fix from 5fm at the LINDT HELLO launch (image courtesy of LINDT)

Dj Fix from 5fm at the LINDT HELLO launch (image courtesy of LINDT)


Now I am sure you are all as excited as I am about the new LINDT HELLO chocolate that has been launched. If you don’t know what it is, then you are in for a big surprise…the good kind! They are this season’s hottest new HELLO sensations, the LINDT HELLO EMOTIS!

And, South Africa is one of the first countries to launch the five EMOTIS, which all have cool sayings on them, such as: ‘Just too funny!’ and ‘My heart goes boom!’ (which I must add is my favourite one – think its the pink hearts)

They have a sticker feature at the back, so you can easily attach the chocolate EMOTI to any surface, or add a sweet touch to gifts. Or, you could wear an edible badge to display how you are feeling! I just love them, they are so awesome and super cute! Go and show everyone how much you care with these awesome LINDT HELLO EMOTIS…I know what all my xmas pressies will be including 🙂

LINDT HELLO EMOTIS are available at Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and Clicks for R14.95.

LINDT HELLO EMOTIS (images taken with my iPhone 5s)

NEW LINDT HELLO EMOTIS (images taken with my iPhone 5s)


The HELLO TV advert was shot on the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap in Cape Town with Table Mountain serving as an iconic South African backdrop. It’s a first of its kind for a number of reasons, but the main being that it is the first LINDT television commercial to be shot and produced in South African. LINDT South Africa is also the first market globally to follow an approach of featuring a local personality in an advert.

Watch the new TV advert on Facebook:

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