NEW Deliciously Dark Lindt Creation Slabs

Dark chocolate seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate, I haven’t met many people that are on-the-fence about how they feel about dark chocolate. And, obviously, I am one of those that love it, for me dark chocolate is rich, intense and chocolatey. I really enjoy a good quality dark chocolate slab after dinner.

Which, why I was so excited to see that LINDT have launched a brand new range of doubly decadent, deliciously dark indulgences that are guaranteed to make the final course the one you most look forward to.

Their limited edition range of ultra-indulgent slabs was inspired by their Master Chocolatiers’ favourite desserts, combining the finest ingredients to produce utterly irresistible masterpieces, all enrobed in a sumptuous dark chocolate shell.

So, which new CREATION will you give into first? I already know my answer…Raspberry Dream of course but for my husband it was Pistachio Delight…and so, we ate both!

LINDT CREATION Pistachio Delight
Inspired by Eastern delicacies, this creamy, crunchy slab is a complex delight. It is filled with a rich, pistachio-infused filling and crunchy almond pieces, really elevating this decadent treat. The combination of pistachio and dark chocolate is heavenly and the sweetness is perfectly balanced giving anyone eating it an intense and pleasurable chocolate experience.

LINDT CREATION Raspberry Dream
A divine combination of sweet and sharp flavours, and one that so many are familiar with and love! It creates an enticing symphony of complementary flavours, CREATION Raspberry Dream is both rich and refreshing, making it the perfect all-year-round indulgence. And probably my favourite of the three bars, as I love that tartness and freshness you get from the raspberries.

A sumptuous spectacle of flavour, boasting a divine praline interior, crafted from hazelnuts and almonds. It is the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy. The intense hazelnut flavour combined with dark chocolate is a match made in heaven and would be the perfect end to any good meal.

This limited edition range of LINDT CREATION slabs is available exclusively at Woolworths, for a limited time, at a recommended price of R56, 95 each.

Lindt Creation Slabs - Pistachio Delight, Raspberry Dream & Hazelnut De Luxe

Lindt Creation Slabs – Pistachio Delight, Raspberry Dream & Hazelnut De Luxe

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