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My personalized LINDT GOLD BUNNY

Personalise your LINDT GOLD BUNNY

It’s almost Easter…one of my favourites  – as I have an excuse to eat chocolate by the bucket load! It’s not like I’ve already eaten 3…make that 4 LINDT GOLD BUNNY’s already…me – never! This past Christmas, LINDT brought us their TEDDY’s that we could personalise, now we can personalise our own LINDT GOLD BUNNY! Nothing says I love you more than a… Read more →

Lindt Teddy, Lindt Christmas & launch of the Menlyn Lindt Chocolate Boutique Store

Lindt Teddy’s and all things Christmas

T’is the season to be jolly and eat lots of Lindt chocolate! Every Christmas in my house, Lindt makes a star performance, either with their delicious teddy bear or filled stars…I just couldn’t imagine Christmas without all their goodies! But if I had to choose one thing I love most, it would have to be the advent calendar as it… Read more →

LINDT HELLO Mini EMOTIS (image provided & taken with Canon 5D)


I’m sure you remember how exciting it was when LINDT launched their HELLO EMOTIS…well now they have launched mini ones, that come in a handy dandy bag. They are still the HELLO EMOTIS that we know and love…except now they are mini! The only main difference is that the mini ones do not have a sticker on the back…so you… Read more →

Lindt Creation Slabs - Pistachio Delight, Raspberry Dream & Hazelnut De Luxe

NEW Deliciously Dark Lindt Creation Slabs

Dark chocolate seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate, I haven’t met many people that are on-the-fence about how they feel about dark chocolate. And, obviously, I am one of those that love it, for me dark chocolate is rich, intense and chocolatey. I really enjoy a good quality dark chocolate slab after dinner.… Read more →

belVita Breakfast Biscuits (photographed with my iPhone 6s)

The new belVita Breakfast Biscuits

My mornings are pretty hectic…it’s a rush to get to a 6am Getfit class, then home to shower and breakfast before starting my work day. Some days I am really on the ball and have a delicious hot breakfast of eggs. But other days, I am rushing out the door before I remember that I didn’t have breakfast. This isn’t a great way to start your day and… Read more →

Earthbound Chenin Blanc & Earthbound Pinotage

Earthbound Wines – Pinotage & Chenin Blanc

With our global drive to ‘Go Green’, great healthy & organic… It’s refreshing to find a South African organic wine, who cares about the environment as much as we do. Earthbound Wines are born of harmony between man and nature and this principle applies to every aspect of their winemaking process. Their vines are planted and maintained in line with ecological… Read more →

Cadbury Dairy Milk launches SA's first Joy Generator #WhatsYourFlavourSA

What’s Your Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavour?

Cadbury Dairy Milk have launched yet another exciting campaign… SA’s first Joy Generator (I will explain what it is in a moment). Which I am so excited about as it combines 2 of my favourite things Chocolate & Happiness! I just love chocolate and who doesn’t need to generate a little joy in their lives. It’s a match made in heaven!… Read more →

Cadbury GLOW (16 Pack) - I just love this is beautiful & elegant - just like my mom!

Spoil mom with Cadbury GLOW

It’s hard to believe that it is already Mother’s Day, it seems that the year is just speeding by! Most year’s I don’t get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom as she lives in Gaborone, Botswana. However, this year I am very lucky to be flying down for a few days, including Mother’s Day. When I was a child,… Read more →