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So many things can go wrong when baking a cake…even for the experienced baker. Below are a few hints & tips, as well as possible problems & solutions, that I have picked up along my baking expedition from fellow bakers and bloggers…hopefully they will help save your cakes as much as they have saved mine.

cake collapses in the centre

  • You cake is possibly undercooked
  • The oven door was opened before your cake set – only check your cake during the last few mins of baking time
  • Your cake wasn’t put in the oven, as soon as, the mixture was ready

cake is dense & heavy

  • Your mixture may have been over mixed, knocking all the air out of it
  • Your cake could be undercooked
  • There wasn’t enough raising agent in the mixture

cake is peaked & cracked

  • Your oven may have been too hot
  • Your cake could have been placed too high in the oven
  • The cake tin was too small, as this can cause your cake to crack

cake is gooey in the centre

  • Your cake is undercooked – when checking if a cake is cooked, a skewer should come our clean

 general tips

  • Put 1 tsp of baking powder into a cup of hot water – if it fizzes, use it…if not, buy a new tin
  • If you don’t have a skewer or cake tester – you can use a piece of raw spaghetti (works just as well)
  • To prevent cake filling from soaking into your cake…sprinkle layers lightly with icing sugar before spreading the filling
  • Sweeten your whipped cream with icing sugar instead of granulated sugar…it will be oh so fluffy and hold its shape better
  • Make butter cream icing using peanut butter instead of butter…it’s so yummy!


If you have any other helpful hints and tips you want to share, please leave a comment 🙂


A delicious cake

cake hints & tips

 *the image is courtesy of
Recipe Gold Mine                                          Barefoot Lass
Baking Inspiration                                          BBC Good Food

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