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peanut butter and honey cookies

peanut butter & honey cookies

One of my favourite things in the whole-wide-world is peanut butter ( I don’t think anyone has ever noticed…hehe…so you can expect more peanut butter recipes…hopefully soon)…and now I have paired it with another of my other favourite things – cookies! These are delicious, soft and moreish peanut butter and honey cookies. I was inspired to develop this recipe from… Read more →

Baked sugar cookies with sprinkles

sugar cookies

On Sunday, myself & my friends (Ange & Candy) decided that we needed to bake something…as if this is a feeling we never have…we are forever looking for baking projects…so we decided to make some sugar cookies. This was mainly due to the fact that we had been to Kadies the day before and bought a selection of new cookie… Read more →

A photo of Shelley Burt's melting moments

melting moments

As last weekend was¬†already a baking weekend with my whiskey chocolate cheese cake…I thought I might as well go all out, so I also made Julia Taylor’s (MasterChef Australia season 4) melting moments for Father’s Day. Let me just say…they were a success – not a single one left! Melting moments remind me of biscuits that I grew up eating… Read more →