Letibalm : nose and lip repair balm

Winter is one of those times, that dry skin is a problem. My lips during this time of year are always so dry. Then if you get sick and are constantly blowing your nose…the skin between your nose and lips becomes dry, red and inflamed.  This can be a horrible time of year for us all. This is the reason, I am always on the look out for products to combat this.

For this winter, I have found a solution. It is Letibalm, which is one of the only balms that has been specially designed to care for your lips, nose and the skin in between.

How it feels:

It is like perfection for your lips…it feels so buttery and luxurious. It makes your lips tingle at first if they are dry – I personally like that feelings…makes me feel like the balm is hard at work restoring my lips moisture. What I really love is how it moisturises but doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry after it has been absorbed…forcing you to apply many times a day. Letibalm is a gentle, restorative balm that moisturises your dry skin, helps to repair chaps & cracks as well as, calms any irritation. It also creates a protective layer to prevent further damage.

How it smells:

I must warn you, it is not one of those feminine smelling lip balms. Having said that, it doesn’t smell bad at all…it reminds me of camphor cream but that is probably because it contains menthol and camphor…which also help ease your breathing if you have a stuffy nose.


Letibalm 10ml liquid tube and 10ml jar

Price & Stockists:

Letibalm Paediatric (10ml jar) for children 0 to 8 years old – RRP R54.95

Letibalm 10ml liquid tube or 10ml jar – RRP R54.95

Stockists: Dis-Chem, selected Pick n Pay stores and leading pharmacies.


For any other information please contact the distributor IVOhealth on 0860 456 123 / info@ivohealth.co.za or www.ivohealth.co.za.


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