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My Recipe Room Gourmet Salts (taken with my iPhone 8)

My Recipe Room’s Gourmet Salts

I have always been a fan of flavoured salts, they are just the easiest way to get a little extra flavour into your food. So, I was really excited to try the My Recipe Room’s Gourmet Salt’s as they have such unusual and mouth-watering flavours. I’m sure there are a few that you are thinking, no that can’t work…let me… Read more →

A photo of Le Creuset's salt & pepper mills

Le Creuset mills

The Le Creuset obsession continues…I have just been onto their online shop (mistake…big mistake) and seen that they have launched Salt & Pepper Mills. They look so awesome…I feel like I must have them! As you buy them separately you could have matching colours or you could have them in different colours so you can easily see which is pepper… Read more →