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belVita Breakfast Biscuits (photographed with my iPhone 6s)

The new belVita Breakfast Biscuits

My mornings are pretty hectic…it’s a rush to get to a 6am Getfit class, then home to shower and breakfast before starting my work day. Some days I am really on the ball and have a delicious hot breakfast of eggs. But other days, I am rushing out the door before I remember that I didn’t have breakfast. This isn’t a great way to start your day and… Read more →

Baked Camembert Cheese

baked camembert – breakfast of champions

As we didn’t totally over indulge this last Friday night (haha – yeah right). I decided I would make a ‘breakfast of champions‘ for my husband, friends Nic & Ange and of course myself. Well at least that is what I am calling our breakfast – as only a champion would be insane enough to have dessert wine for breakfast after wine tasting the… Read more →